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Chris Sims, senior writer of ComicsAlliance, co-writer of Down Set Fight and Subatomic Party Girls, and the Teen Tycoon of Rock

There are times when I wish some of these guys – because I think some of them know better – I wish they would take a moment and stop and think. […]You might want to stop for a minute and think with this diverse group of talent involved with the project, maybe there is more to the story than they know. Maybe there are reasons people are willing to work on this. Maybe its not as clear cut as a lot of people think. I’m speaking about this from a distance. I was never in the room, while anything went on, but maybe there’s just more to the story than people think.
Darwyn Cooke, talking to Rolling Stone Magazine about Watchmen 2.  We should all think better of these people because they MAYBE have a single legitimate reason for creating work that’s morally and aesthetically repulsive.  Maybe there’s reasons, unknown unknowable reasons, hiding somewhere, in a reptilian place far from where human sight or human logic can find them.  He doesn’t know what they are because he’s “at a distance”. But maybe they exists, just maybe, conceivably, it’s within the realm of possibility.  And let’s all think about that!  Let’s think really, really hard.  Because after millenia of evolution, that’s what the human brain should be used to think about.  Let’s use all of the synapses, all of them.   (via twiststreet)

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