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This morning (okay, afternoon), I woke up and found a FedEx delivery with a gigantic LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW promo box waiting at the door. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s the new game from Suda 51 (NO MORE HEROES) and James Gunn (the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, the SCOOBY DOO movies, and Lloyd Kaufman’s biography/book on filmmaking, among other things) about a cheerleader who fights zombies. So, you know, I was interested. In the first photo, you can see how huge this thing was — I threw in my 360 controller, because I was too lazy to grab my usual measure for scale, 50 CENT: BLOOD ON THE SAND, from the shelf.

Inside, there was a whole bunch of stuff. The best, obviously, was a copy of the game which was great, because I ordered it last night and still had time to cancel it. Hilariously, when I talked about ordering it, someone on Twitter said that the fact that it didn’t show up unbidden on my doorstep was a sign that the world was wrong. Consider it righted.

Also in the box: A small print and a poster of the cover art, a bunch of keychains featuring a severed head (seriously, like five of those things), a pair of pom-poms, a megaphone, a ribbon dancer baton, a t-shirt (size medium, good luck with that), a magnet, a temporary tattoo, and, hilariously enough, an actual lollipop.

Pretty exciting stuff, especially considering how much I was looking forward to the game to begin with.

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