Twenty Percent Cooler

Chris Sims, senior writer of ComicsAlliance, co-writer of Down Set Fight and Subatomic Party Girls, and the Teen Tycoon of Rock

  • Chris Sims: Too much Tony Hawkkkkkk.
  • me: Hah.
  • Too many ollies
  • Hella grindage
  • Chris: You sound a million years old.
  • me: kick flip crazy
  • Chris: You sound like someone who would refer to himself as an "itinerant classicist."
  • me: ridin some rails
  • Chris: That's more a hobo thing.
  • me: eating some gogurt
  • wearing appropriate paddage
  • loitering
  • mild vandalismo
  • in school suspension
  • all blithely oblivious that your haircut is out of fashion

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