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Chris Sims, Senior Writer at ComicsAlliance, cowriter of Down Set Fight and Subatomic Party Girls, writer of Radical Guardian Skater X, possible dracula


These are the July strips for my webcomic ADVENTURE WIZARD, which is about a wizard on an adventure and of course it has a wizard’s duel and here it is.  It updates every Monday and Wednesday.

You can start reading Adventure Wizard from the very beginning.  Maybe find out why there’s a wizard duel going on, anyway.  Though, it’s in a Wizard’s nature to duel.

Or even read my previous web comic The Legend of Ricky Thunder which is about awesomeness and pro-wrestling and crises both real and imagined (you could read the entire thing in a single sitting.  45 minutes tops)

If you like it maybe let me know, maybe re-blog it for your friends. 

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