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DANGER: DIABOLIK movie posters (1968) - COOL SPIES and JAMES BOND SPOOFS (Part 4)

Modesty Blaise (see Part 3) was not the only Italian comic book adapted onto the screen. the spy/thief Diabolik was also adapted in 1968 by Cult italian director Mario Bava in one of the most dazzling sixties movies ever filmed. 

Out-bonding James Bond in the gadget/secret lair/costumes and cars department (watch the movie trailer here), Danger: Diabolik stars John Philip Law as the thief who steals to give to the girls and who is pursued by Michel Piccoli and Terry Thomas while seducing the gorgeous Marisa Mell

The soundtrack was composed by none other than Ennio Morricone (check the magnificent Deep Down song and scene here) and the poster art illustrated by Frank McCarthy for the US posters and Jacques Vaissier for the French ones

A Cult Spy movie and one for the ages to be discovered and viewed over and over

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Danger: Diabolik US and French movie posters courtesy of ILLUSTRACTION GALLERY

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