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Chris Sims, Senior Writer at ComicsAlliance, cowriter of Down Set Fight and Subatomic Party Girls, writer of Radical Guardian Skater X, possible dracula

What are your thoughts on The Authority? I imagine not positive.

On the contrary!

I’m a bigger fan of Warren Ellis’s run on STORMWATCH, but there’s a lot of THE AUTHORITY that I actually really like. I’m definitely a big fan of the Ellis/Hitch stuff, and even the Millar stuff is at least interesting. A lot of it comes from those books just being really refreshing and appropriate for the time. There’s a lot of really cool concepts in there, too — Jack Hawksmoor in particular is a really brilliant take on Spider-Man that you don’t even realize is a take on Spider-Man until you start looking at the poses he’s drawn in and the silhouettes he makes.

I think it was really worthwhile as a reaction to what else was going on in comics at the time. The only problem comes from people who decide to look at that model and only make comics that bear surface resemblance to those books without the craft underneath them, but you can’t really blame the Authority for that, any more than you can blame Watchmen for being ripped off by terrible creators for the past 30 years.

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