Twenty Percent Ghouler

Chris Sims, Senior Writer at ComicsAlliance, cowriter of Down Set Fight and Subatomic Party Girls, writer of Radical Guardian Skater X, possible dracula

The audience doesn’t know what it wants. If it knew what it wanted, it wouldn’t be an audience. It just knows that it wants to be entertained somehow, and that’s a perfectly reasonable expectation. I wish we were better at it. The 50,000 hardcore fans of periodical print comics that we have left, the ones we haven’t and can’t drive away, seem to indicate with their buying patterns that they’re interested only in nostalgia, which is terrifying. And I understand why publishers cater to that; they’re kinda forced to, given that the print distribution system is targeted SOLELY TO THOSE 50,000. I can’t wait to hear what the non-hardcore audience wants; digital will tell us that. I don’t care nearly as much what “comics fans” want as I do what “potential readers” want.

Mark Waid (via iamdavidbrothers)

That hammers most of it down, really.

(via knuckledraggery)

(via knuckledraggery)

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