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Hi, I'm translating an article about Batman by David Hughes in his book Tales from Development Hell, and confusing about something, maybe I can ask you for help. I found your post about Bob Kane, and you must know about him more than me. So I can't tell his attitude about the 60's Batman TV series, was it too funny to him or just what he wanted it to be? A guess is good to me.

I don’t think I’ve ever read Bob Kane talking one way or another about Batman ‘66, but I have to imagine he was all for it, as it made him money and that was literally the only thing he cared about ever.

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    That’s not true, he also wanted to have lots of sex with women.
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    Make sense, thank you.
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    In the book Batman & Me, Kane said he liked the TV show for what it was but it “wasn’t Batman”. He saw it as a parody of...
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