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Since your buddies with so many artists do you still pay for you convention sketches or get a discount? I imagine your collaborators give you sketches as gifts.

I’m lucky enough to have become friends with a lot of artists, and more than a few of them have given me sketches as gifts (I have two pages on my wall from Awesome Hospital that Matt Digges and Jojo Seames gave to me, which is fantastic, and that Destro you see in the HTT videos was a gift from Scott Kowalchuk when we finished DOWN SET FIGHT), but I really, really try not to abuse that. I try to always offer to pay for a sketch that I get at the con, and even if the person waves it off, I make sure that it’s there and that it’s not awkward for ‘em. I mean, that’s their job, and even if they’re doing it for fun and friendship, I don’t want to take advantage.

At HeroesCon, though, I did an “art trade” with Katie Skelly, of NURSE NURSE fame, and let me tell you, she definitely got the worse end of that deal. I got a picture of Sailor Moon and Spider-Man on a date, and she got me drawing Sailor Moon (and getting ericafailsatlife to draw the eyes because I couldn’t remember how anime works).

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